I Am Ninja

When I heard about Flappy Bird's strange explosion in popularity, it inspired me to create a simple mobile game. I mostly wanted to push myself to see what I could do in a very short period of time, thus I Am Ninja was born!

The basic idea is you run infinitely to the right over a randomly generated tile-based terrain. There are enemy Robits moving to the left, which will hurt you if you don't do anything about them. To deal with this threat, you tap the screen which makes your ninja slash their sword. If the sword comes in contact with a Robit, they turn red and explode shortly afterwards.

Your goal is to get as many hits as possible without dying, and as few misses as you can. Once you are eventually defeated, you'll earn a score based on your performance.

The game hasn't done terribly well, but it was a nice learning experience! It would probably help if I did any kind of marketing (other than Facebook and forcing my friends to try it). Oh well, I have better things to do.

You can get it on Google Play here or on the App Store here.

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