Monkey Swing

This is a fun little game where you control a monkey swinging on vines. You're goal is to land on as many platforms as possible while they get smaller and smaller. There are collectable bananas and little treasure chests along the way to make things a little more interesting. The chests contain hats for your monkey, and can be opened by an increasing amount of bananas depending on the amount of hats you've collected for each specific zone. There are a few different areas to choose from, some of which have extra things to avoid or collect (lava, or cut down spiders).

My sister came up with the idea and asked me for help in creating it. She made all of the art assets while I did all of the programming. Working with my sister is a ton of fun, and I hope to do more projects with her in the future.

This game was slowly growing in downloads, but Google suspended it without warning for having a few words in the description (what the hell, Google?). I tried to contact them about it, but got a bot response saying NO, IT'S SUSPENDED FOREVER. BYE! This really sucked, and I had to re-post it as a new game which lost all reviews and reset the download count it had gained previously. The newly posted game has not done as well, so we gave up on this project for the time being. There is a chance we will revisit it later on and do something new, as the art assets are great and we don't want them to just turn to dust.

You can download it on Google Play here or on iTunes here.

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