I Am Ninja v1.8.1

I Am Ninja v1.8.1 is now live (Android only, I don't have a Mac anymore *sad face*). The update is mostly just to fix broken URLs for saving / loading leaderboard stats as I just switched web hosts. It's also been upgraded to the latest version of Unity (5.4.3, but that probably won't be noticable at all other than the splash screen). Oh, also there are no longer any ads!

There probably won't be any significant changes to I Am Ninja for quite some time. It was mostly just an experiment after all and I'm a bit busy with other, more promising projects like Tale of Toast.

Admin Completed, Projects Posted

My custom admin stuff is finally done, and I can now easily make blog posts and update my projects page!

I've put my two mobile games there as well as the MMO that I'm still working on with my friend. I'll probably post my older stuff there for fun at a later time, but that'll require a little bit more work.

Hopefully I'll post more frequently now as I work on stuff, since I actually put some more effort into the admin side of things for once to make things a bit nicer. I'll also try to keep my projects page updated with my latest work as I want it to be kind of a little portfolio. I have a ton of prototypes, but none of them are really worthy to be on the site yet. My main focus is Tale of Toast at the moment, so there probably won't be any new projects posted for a while.

I'll still be poking at the site layout and content every now and then, but for the most part I'm happy with it.

Dusty Business

I've finally switched PhatRobit.com to Bootstrap, so it's nice and responsive! I'm not a graphic designer, so things will look really simple for a while but at least it'll look better on mobile devices. I basically deleted everything related to the site from the server and organized stuff a bit better.

I'm going to be working on setting up my admin stuff as well as the projects page to show off some of my latest work. I'll try to keep things organized so older projects aren't as prominent as the newer ones.

I'll also try to post here more often as recently it's been like a year in between updates. I've archived all of my previous posts as most of the links in them are now broken. Perhaps I'll make an archive page that shows them again, but not now.